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Based on the results of sociological surveys, more than half of our country’s citizens who have ever applied for a loan have distorted information about credit history and the principles behind its formation. This article will unravel the mystery and debunk many myths surrounding credit history.

The credit bureaus obtain the personal data of the borrowers illegally


Bank employees are often faced with a situation where clients, upon learning that the CBI contains information about their loan repayment schedule, are literally misrepresented, accusing the bank of illegally distributing sensitive information.

As an argument, they rely on the inability to disclose banking secrecy. Often, the result of such conflicts is a statement from the client, sent to the Loan and Credit, with the requirement to close (or delete) information about their loans. At the same time, most people claim that they did not consent to sending information to the credit bureau.

In fact, it is worth noting the inattention of the customer who ticked the data transfer point in the BKI. Similarly, most borrowers do not even assume the legitimacy of sending this information to all banks and MFIs.

Loan and Credit only collects information on late payments

Loan and Credit only collects information on late payments

If you think that credit histories are only available to unscrupulous banking clients, then this is a mistake. Most law-abiding payers are genuinely surprised to learn that their stories are also stored in the Loan and Credit.

In fact, the credit bureaus collect information on absolutely all loans that have been credited with data transfer. It turns out that credit histories are formed not by the bureau, but by the banks themselves, whether they are positive or negative. Credit history is no more than the information the bank asks for when it receives a loan application.

Loan and Credits form a separate “black list”, the participants of which get no credit

The roots of this mistake come from the very citizens who have ever asked the Loan and Credit to make their relatives “unreliable”. Most often, retirees are calling whose children or grandchildren are collecting many credits without returning them. Older people, intimidated by collectors, are afraid of losing their living space, prompting them to make similar requests.

Personal loan to pay off debt -How to get out of debts if they are too many Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:03:48 +0000 How to get out of debts if they are too many?

When a debt is contracted, it is usually done by providing a repayment plan that is consistent with one’s income, so that it is sustainable for the family budget. But what to do if you have too many debts? Debt settlement can help you. Learn the advantages and disadvantages at PushButton.

Concrete case

Let’s start with a specific case: Maria and Clavio, her teacher, the company manager, sign a mortgage for the purchase of the house and a loan for the purchase of a car. For a series of unfavorable circumstances, after a couple of years, they both lose their jobs. What should they do?

First possibility

First possibility

The first suggestion is to contact the bank to look for a solution, bearing in mind the new moratorium on mortgages for the years 2015-2017, as indicated in the 2015 Stability Law, article 1 – paragraph 246, establishes, for some cases expressly expected, the 12-month suspension of the loan. The cases listed by the legislation are:

  • loss of job
  • the death
  • serious injury
  • suspension or reduction of working hours
  • admission to social safety nets such as redundancy funds, mobility or even solidarity contracts, for at least 30 consecutive days.

However, the suspension does not exclude the payment of interest. Until the end of December 2015, it is also possible to apply for access to the Solidarity Fund, the Public Insurance Service Dealer: the body that intervenes to cover the risks of the community that can not be compensated by the normal contractual mechanisms. Maria and Clavio will have to provide the necessary documents to the bank which, after having acquired them, will address the application to Consumer. The suspension mechanism of the debt since last June has been extended to consumer credit: it is possible to suspend the payment of the principal amount and, at the discretion of the institution, also of interest.

Second chance

Another possibility that could be used by Maria and Clavio, if after a year they have not been able to solve their problems, is that given by the ” consumer plan “, since they have the necessary requisites to start the procedure:

  • they are people who have contracted debts for purposes unrelated to their entrepreneurial or professional activity
  • they were in good faith and the debt was not disproportionate to their chances
  • the debt incurred by them can no longer be healed with their assets
  • the causes of insolvency are not related to their direct responsibility: there was no bad faith, nor was it remotely predictable that they would lose their jobs.

The procedure is not free, as the agreement relating to the contents of the “consumer plan” should be drafted by a notary, a lawyer, an accountant or a “crisis settlement body”. The latter subject is envisaged by a ministerial decree of 2014 and includes some bodies, so-called by law, activated by chambers of commerce, by professional associations of lawyers, accountants, notaries, and by social secretariats; another group, which we could define as public, corresponds to the crisis-setting bodies constituted by municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities, regions, and public universities. The crisis organism will assist Maria and Clavio in the elaboration of the restructuring plan, in the formulation of the proposal, in the collection of the necessary documentation. The plan will then be filed with the Court and it will be up to the judge to decide whether to judge it admissible or not. If approved all the executive procedures, possibly initiated against Maria and Clavio, will be suspended. As an alternative to the “consumer’s plan”, Maria and Clavio could ask for the ” liquidation of assets “, that is, of all their assets, except for those that are impenetrable (the goods that serve the profession, the household and kitchen utensils, the ‘Wedding ring).

Also, in this case, it is necessary the assistance of a “crisis composition body” that will have to compile the list of all creditors, of the sums owed and of all the seizable assets. The request for admissibility, similarly to what happens for the “consumer plan”, will be submitted to the judge.

Third possibility

The third possibility reserved by the law to Maria and Clavio, which can also be used by companies and companies (unlike the other two reserved for natural persons), is a kind of  agreement, an agreement that must be stipulated with at least 60% of creditors and that, like the arrangement, also has effects against those who have not signed the agreement.

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8 Errors of your personal finances. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 14:06:14 +0000

Financial tips Debt consolidation personal credit crowdfunding home finance personal finance

They say that no one can teach in someone else’s head, however we can learn from some mistakes that other people have, to avoid them.

In the case of financial errors we believe that we can learn from the mistakes of other people, for this reason we bring you this list of the 8 most common mistakes made by people who are with economic problems.

  1. Do not invest on time: although it is true that “it is never too late to start investing”, the truth is that many times we want to start, when we do not have what to start with. We know that in many occasions the reason why it is not reversed is because of the complexity or uncertainty that can be in some cases, but there are new and better ways to invest, but above all, safer.
  2. Trust your savings in the bank: Yes, there are many people who are content with the little that their bank gives them annually, which often does not even cover the annual inflation of those savings. We return to point one, it is important to invest and as soon as possible.
    Banks give you very little returns
  3. Do not pay your debts completely: That old bad habit of paying the minimums on the cards, is the worst thing you can do for your finances, remember that the interests always add up and that is not good for your economy in the medium term.
  4. Do not understand yields: You do not have to become an investment expert to learn to invest, but you do understand that the percentage of annual interest that your bank sells you as “fantastic” is not.


  5. Ignore taxes: Yes, sometimes we can consider collection unfair, but it is a responsibility that we must fulfill, you will save yourself a lot of problems if you fulfill these obligations.
    pay your taxes
  6. Believe that real estate is the best investment: We are not saying that having property is bad, the bad thing is having many, maintenance or lack of it can devalue those assets, what more than helping you can become a burden and more debts for you.
    Buying or having many houses is not always very helpful in your investments or finances
  7. Live to the limit of your financial capacity: We must be aware of how much we earn and how much we can spend , budgets help this. In addition, we must NOT consider credit cards as “extra” money.
  8. Lack of financial objectives: Yes, it is essential to establish savings, investment and debt termination goals. Preferably annual.

In your hands are your finances, you can avoid these mistakes and be healthy financially, no doubt your future you, will thank you.


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What is a personal loan? Low interest and security Everything about finances Thu, 31 Jan 2019 12:41:09 +0000  

What is a personal loan

Come here, thanks to this blog, what a personal loan is. Because a personal loan is a consumer credit whereby the lender deposits the borrowed money directly into your bank account. Every month you pay a fixed amount of money in which the interest and repayment is processed. Characteristic of the personal loan is that the interest rate and term are fixed. You know in advance exactly when you have repaid the loan, but you can also calculate in precision how much the loan will cost you in total. Unlike with the revolving credit, with this loan form you can not re-enter the money you redeemed. Personal loans are very suitable to act as a car loan .


What to use a personal loan for?

Financing a new car
The purchase of a kitchen
Realizing a renovation to your home or garden
Buying a camper or caravan
Vacation or distant journey
Or another specific goal

Benefits personal loan

✓ You pay the same amount of repayment monthly
The interest is always fixed in advance
You know when the loan has been repaid
You will be credited the amount of money to your bank account in one go


Tax deduct some costs

Do you use the personal loan for the improvement of your own home or for a renovation? Then you can deduct certain costs from the income tax. Do you always want to have some money at hand? Then the PL is nothing for you. You would better apply for a revolving credit . You use a personal loan once for larger expenses. Note: You can not redeem any additional penalty at every provider.

Disadvantages personal loan

Borrowing money for an occasional release such as a new dishwasher, washing machine or car can be a godsend. Especially if you do not have enough savings or just have a little less to spend. The perfect loan for this type of expenditure is the personal loan. This type of loan has more advantages than disadvantages. Perhaps the only drawback is that borrowing costs money. But of course that applies to all types of loans.

Personal loan actually only has benefits

The personal loan is one of the most popular loan forms in the Netherlands. You lend a sum of money and you loose a fixed part of it monthly. Because the interest is fixed, you never get annoying surprises. The term is always known in advance. You take out this loan for larger purchases. Do not pay too much interest and therefore take the trouble to compare multiple providers of personal loans.

Does the personal loan have no disadvantages?

We believe that personal loans have no real disadvantages. However, you need to be aware of the fact that you can not re-record amounts once paid with this loan type. That is the case with a revolving credit. But this can also be an advantage. Because that is how you force yourself to repay the debt and so you have a stick behind the door. What can be a disadvantage is that with almost no lender you can repay the loan early. Do you do this? Then you pay a fine .

Features personal loan

What are the characteristics of the personal loan? We also call this loan ‘PL’ for short. It is one of the most requested loans in the Netherlands. We speak of a personal loan if you register the following with the lender beforehand:
The amount of money you lend
The level of interest
The amount of the monthly installments (repayment)
The term of the loan


The personal loan differs from other forms of lending because the monthly payments during the term always remain the same. So you always know in advance when the loan has been repaid and it is possible to map the total costs of the loan. The monthly installments always consist of a part of repayment and interest. You must comply with the agreements that have been recorded. That means, among other things, that you can never (almost) never pay off without penalty. It is also important to have the duration of the personal loan shorter than the life of the object you finance when financing a larger expense.

This loan form in practice

You can use a personal loan to finance a new kitchen, a new car or caravan, a renovation of your home or the installation of solar panels. Suppose you borrow 15,000 euros for the purchase of a new car and you opt for a term of 48 months. Then you pay € 15,000 + interest / 48 months each month for 48 months = a XXX amount of money. The loan was repaid after 48 months. = 1140 ) 

Find the cheapest personal loan

If you are looking for a personal loan, do not just blind yourself to the interest rates! The loan conditions are in fact just as important. There are providers with whom, for example, you can pay off without penalty. Maybe these lenders are unfavorable from a comparison, but if you are going to earn more in the future and therefore be able to redeem faster, then you can ultimately be cheaper with them! And with some providers you are required to take out a term life insurance policy. Such a thing can make a loan more expensive.

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The solution that pays your loans for cars Sat, 05 Jan 2019 13:56:39 +0000

Today, the Prince Hal marketing team brings you a business idea with which you can buy loans for cars that will make your loan pay almost alone.

As we all know, the Uber business model has revolutionized the taxi industry, and while some countries are late to adopt this and other similar business models, the trend does not go down even a little bit. For people looking to start their own businesses, this presents a very interesting possibility. While it is very easy to start, there are some important things to consider before venturing on this road to start your own Uber driving business, with which your car loans will be paid for alone.

 Uber: la solución que paga tus prestamos por autos

But, how do you know if you are a qualified driver for Uber?

Each country has its own requirements to be an Uber driver, so it is very important to make sure to verify the specific requirements depending on where you are, we recommend you to enter the official Uber site to find the requirements in your city.

In Mexico, only some cities throughout the country have operators. However, in large cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey, they have the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age
  • Copy of driver’s license.
  • Letter of no criminal record.
  • Go to a Care Center to be certified.
  • The car must have insurance whose policy must have certain characteristics, which are necessary to operate.

After registering, an online background check must be completed, which discards operators with a criminal record.

Reasons why fast loans are ideal for medical emergencies 

In addition, the vehicle must meet the minimum requirements established by Uber, these requirements vary by city. In general, they are:

  • Must be model of the year 2008 or later.
  • 4 doors
  • Good general condition of the vehicle and its engine.
  • Without commercial brand
  • You must pass the vehicle inspection.

If you want to drive UberXL, UberBlack or other types of programs, the requirements of the car will be stricter, it is necessary to check the official website for more information.

Assuming they meet these requirements, actually becoming an Uber operator is quite simple, just sign up on your website and it will guide you through the rest.

Pros and cons of driving for this company

Car pawning Without stopping using the vehicle!

As with any commercial enterprise, there will be advantages and disadvantages associated with the effort of the collaborators, and it is important to understand them before deciding. The marketing team of Prince Hal, summarized the most common pros and cons in the operation of a vehicle with Uber to pay their loans for cars , however it must be remembered that this varies in each case:


  • It allows the operator to work when he wants, establishing his own schedules; all you have to do is be available and share your location in the App to start.
  • It may be a second job whose schedule is not as demanding; You can spend a couple of hours a day after taking the children to school or dedicating an entire day to them.
  • Security. This gives an environment of confidence to the driver, since in the Uber App the trips are registered, as well as the identity of the passenger. This guarantees a considerable reduction of the operator being a victim of an assault, this also thanks to the fact that the operator does not charge cash, since the payment is made from the app charged to the user’s card.


  • Does not have any type of work benefit.
  • Uber’s availability varies from city to city.

Returning to the question of being operators of Uber, with the same cars with which they requested in Prince Hal their loans for cars , let’s talk about the approximate monthly income of an Uber operator:

As in any business, the income and profits are variable, since there are many factors that influence the total sum, however one of those factors and that in our opinion is the most important is to be a good operator. Being a good Uber operator can make profits higher.

We have to take into account that if we are going to manage our own units ourselves, it is completely up to us to be good operators, but if they are looking for an operator to manage their cars, sharing profits can not be such a good idea, unless there is a risk that the person they assign as operator can generate losses with the car, which leads us to seriously consider this option, since it is not something that should be taken lightly. If you look for things to go well, there is nothing better than doing them yourself.

Working with Uber generates approximate profits, this varies from the number of hours worked per week, of $ 2,000 MXN, from which you have to discount expenses such as:

  • Refills of balance to the mobile phone.
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • In the case of having a driver for the car, it should be considered that this approximate profit must be distributed.

However, in the case of acquiring car loans in Prince Hal, obtaining the necessary income to cover this loan, as we have already seen, can be through Uber, since one of the advantages of our service is that you will be able to continue using your car during all the life of the loan. That is to say, the car for which they request a loan will be the same one that will allow them to pay it; as we saw Uber is a business option that will allow them to generate enough tickets to make their payments in Prince Hal without affecting their economy, besides working with Uber, as we saw previously, offers some advantages such as the possibility of meeting nice people and What will make the time that is dedicated to this work, not so heavy.

How to invest wisely the money loans to start my own business? 

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Urgent loans for the invoice of my car Fri, 28 Dec 2018 13:37:24 +0000

Being realistic and becoming aware of our finances gives wisdom; and the understanding, to make the best decisions on the subject of an urgent Loan for the invoice of my car.

It is important to make a difference between being indebted and borrowing. Everyone, at some time in our lives, we borrow. Some ask for money, other tangible objects, other non tangible elements such as time, space and even effort. Being indebted, however; It is the acquisition of loans far beyond or to the limit of our capacity to return or refund the acquired. 

Take the case of Maritza as an example: This is the case of a woman who turned on her car out of necessity; since her husband had died and his creditors wanted to collect the debt that he had with the acquisition of his house. This woman did not have money to face the debt; but she had her car which she had liquidated before her husband died.

She talked with a friend about her financial problems, directed her to “borrow”; since in her car she had an economic factor that would help her get out of debt. In this case she was able to use the cash for her car to pay off the debt she had.

We see how, through a loan, a specific problem was solved.


We can understand then that borrowing is not a fault; The problem lies in the lack of commitment to pay what we owe and / or in the attitude and motivation we have when requesting a loan.

In the case of Maritza, she borrowed; Following a financial strategy to produce what is necessary to settle a debt, without losing your car.

Nowadays borrowing has become the norm to carry out most family or business projects. Remember that you have to have the address to manage the resources obtained through the loan, and improve our finances.

Urgent loans for the invoice of my car

In the following text we will talk a little more about the reasons that lead a person or company to request an external financing plan. These reasons are usually:

  • The expansion of your company: at the moment in which a business becomes small and you want to expand to gain territory in the sector where you are working; Many times they resort to the acquisition of financial products.
  • I did not have enough liquidity: when lack of liquidity is the cause of problems in a company; economic problems begin to appear; since it is very difficult to get out of this vicious cycle; if you do not have a small economic boost that allows you to move forward; while you get the necessary funds to be able to return the entire amount borrowed.

Anyways; any business should conduct a good investigation about all the economic aspects that are going to happen in the short term future; because this allows asking the credit institutions a quantity of money according to the needs that may be had.

Credit entities

One of the most important economic sources for a company is bank credit; since it allows to temporarily reestablish the economic situation of a company.

Unfortunately, banks are not currently lending a lot of money to companies; and this can cause serious economic problems to any business.

Sometimes, when unexpected expenses appear; You can use small short-term loans; as those offered by credit institutions, since they allow greater ease when it comes to ordering them. But you have to take into account; that the ease of these credits leads to a greater number of interests on the part of the entity that offers them; and that therefore they must be used with great care; and only in those moments in which you believe that its use is absolutely necessary.

The difficulties of asking for a loan

It is clear that asking for a loan has a lot of difficulties, especially if things are not done well. Before asking for a loan, you must be sure that you have studied all the factors that may have something of importance in your life or business. Since studying these factors you will know the possible profitability with which you account; and if it is advisable to request a loan to finance your project or your debts.

Some of the points you must study before requesting credits:

  • The economic viability of the business : not all businesses will be able to think about the current market; so you should study the chances of success that has the business you want to open, as well as the area where you will work.
  • The necessary cost for the investment: you have to have in mind not only the cost for the materials and workers that you must hire; but also the responsibility associated with this type of business. Therefore, you should study all these expenses to know the amount of money you can use at first.
  • Be alert to possible short-term expenses: many companies in the first months of work usually have expenses that had not been foreseen at the time and therefore a little untidy things.

To EVITED these problems; You should carefully study the possible mishaps that may occur in the coming months and be prepared for when they appear.

Take into consideration the advice that we have just taught you; It can make you improve the odds on your current economy.



So let’s start with orienting you with Juliet , the urgent loans for the invoice of my car ; they are the best alternative to obtain financing quickly. Since you have the best of the benefits that is the Pawn of cars without leaving it.

Stop asking about the urgent loans for the invoice of my car and keep reading to know the procedure of pawning with Juliet .

1.- Get up to 80% of the value of your garment

With Juliet you can get up to 80 percent of the value of your car. Our appraisers will determine the percentage that can be lent to you; according to the characteristics of your car, so the better you are, the better the benefit will be.

2.- Models are accepted since 2003

We are interested in supporting you, so you can pawn your car if it is 2003 model to the current ones; this gives you an advantage to be able to access our system obtaining the economic benefits.

3.- Minimum contracting requirements

In Juliet ; We ask for the minimum requirements so that we can lend you money for your garment . The only thing you need is:

  • Official identification
  • Original invoice or invoice sequence
  • Holdings (the ones you have)
  • Circulation card
  • check
  • Proof of address

4.- Competitive rate

With Juliet one of the great advantages , is that the competitive rate is one of the best in the market; because the percentage of interest that will be charged to you will depend on the characteristics of your loan.

5.- We do not have penalties for advances

We want you to be aware of your payments, so we do not have penalties in case you want to pay in advance; so you will not have any problem if you want to make payments in advance.

6.- Without Credit Bureau and without endorsement

An extremely important benefit that we have in Juliet , is that we do not review the list of the Credit Bureau; let alone demand endorsement. So this will not be a problem if you unfortunately do not have these two requirements.

7.- Unlimited endorsements

With us you have another of the most sought-after advantages in the market. That is to say that you can carry out the endorsements that you need without any limit. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits for you.

8.- Guaranteed contracts

The important thing for us is you and that you are satisfied; and that we make you feel safe and confident; e s for that reason that definitely all our contracts are guaranteed by the PROFECO . So this will help you feel much more comfortable and secure with the Juliet service .

If you continue thinking about Urgent Loans for the bill of my car.   or the steps to do it; then we invite you to decide to know our modalities with Juliet and that you can get the benefit immediately.

The commitment of cars

The commitment of cars

In Mexico very few pawnshops meet the requirements that the law sets to grant loans in a manner that benefits the pledgee.

So I give you to know the steps to know how the commitment of cars with Juliet works ; and check how easy it is to obtain a financial benefit with us.


Take your car to any of our branches with the required documentation; which I already mentioned. You can find branches in Mexico City and in the State of Mexico.


We will make the assessment of your car and we can lend you from 20 percent, up to 80 percent of the total value of your car . This being a benefit that you can not find anywhere else.


At the end of the appraisal, a duly certified and guaranteed contract will be signed before PROFECO; so it shows that our seriousness before the quality of our services and mainly for the benefit of our customers.



By completing the previous steps, you will immediately receive the amount of your loan in your bank account; The process does not take longer than 24 hours and the benefit may be greater for you who are urgently looking for a loan 

Meet the Auto Pawn with CDMX transmission and Get Immediate Financing for your Car with Juliet Today 

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Saving is easy, investing is better Fri, 28 Dec 2018 13:28:13 +0000

Saving is something that we have been taught or learned from children, it is important to save some money for any mishap. However, it is interesting to see how not all the people who save, invest, and although the savings are good, there are some factors (such as inflation) that make our savings in the end, are less than what we had at first, is That is why in the short, medium and long term it is important to invest, and this is a possibility to think about our retirement in the future.

Many times people believe that investments are only for entrepreneurs, nowadays the trends and financial possibilities have diversified to such a degree that it is possible to start investing money with up to two thousand five hundred pesos saved. This was impossible before, but with technology, the possibilities of financing, investing and lending have increased radically.



Now investing is always better, but there are times when you have to be a little careful when doing it, that’s why it’s important not to do this:

  1. To aspire to great returns with minimal risks: It must be taken into account that a prudent investment with little risk is very stable, but not necessarily lucrative. As well, know that big profits can happen from considerable risks. We have to ask ourselves this question when investing. What kind of investment do I want to make? And at what level of risk am I willing to invest ?, whether conservative, moderate or aggressive.
  2. Invest all our savings without preventing economic mishaps: It is important not to bet all our money without considering unforeseen economic needs in the near future. In most investments, the money that is invested is not available to us for some time. Take this into account when deciding how much to invest. Consider investing the amount you do not need in the short term.
  3. Investing in something that we do not know or do not understand: It is essential to be informed about the market we are targeting and how it is positioned in the current economy. To be informed is to give certainty and criteria to our money and investment. If we know that it costs a lot of work to save, why give it to something that we do not know well?
  4. Do not diversify: The purpose of diversifying is to completely reduce the risk that investments have as well as to achieve the maximum possible return on investment. As it is said colloquially “not having all the eggs in one basket” is exactly what the diversification in investments refers to.
  5. Do not consider taxes: From the profits of our investments we also have to consider tax obligations. In case there are some losses, we can deduct them but only from our profits, therefore, only after fulfilling the fiscal obligations can we take into account the true profitability of our investments.
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